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Hair by Gino



Hair by Gino, a commission from my dad.

A while ago my dad asked me to do a drawing to give to his retired barber Nuccio Scumaci who ran a barbers shop in Lincoln on Monks Road for 51 years!

He moved to the UK from Italy with his family in 1959 at the age of three after his father was released from a Lincolnshire prisoner of war camp. His dad started the business in 1961 and Nuccio started working there at the age of 15 in 1966. 

My dad first went to the barbers in about 1963 when Nuccio's father cut his hair. Before then he used to go to an Italian hairdresser in Boston who knew the family.
He often stayed with his brother John and his wife Peggy in Lincoln whilst on leave from the Merchant Navy, so used to get his haircut then. 

I enjoyed drawing the interior of this, the beautiful wood panelling and rounded windows. I remember occasionally sitting, watching and waiting as a child while my dad got his haircut.

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