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My practice is concerned with finding opportunities to bring different people together, along with a commitment to exploring the changing role of the arts in public space; particularly in communities. I am interested in the peculiarities in everyday moments and the structures, which often go unquestioned, that support our day-to-day lives.


I enjoy the affordability and democratic nature of printmaking – a form that can easily be reproduced, circulated and installed in places where people are. 


With an interest in institutional critique, I want to investigate the boundaries of creating art projects with people alongside institutional support. What are the agendas of the structures that support these art projects and how does this affect their materialisation? This is furthered by an interest in collaboration, the language that defines and surrounds ‘socially engaged practice’, the borders between education and curating, and an ambition for the political potential of curating when concerning the social; not openly activist but embedding activism and care in my approach.

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