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Artists Walk 2020

Artists Walk aims to bring greater awareness and connections amongst artists and art lovers. It provides a simple, inexpensive way for artists to showcase their work and to increase their exposure to the people around them, who might otherwise not know about them.

For the local community, it's a way to discover the creative people in your neighbourhood and to make your daily walks more inspiring!


In November-December 2020 it encouraged artists to display work in their windows, so it felt like a good opportunity to test out some new ideas! 


Saturday Night 

The first installation I did was called Saturday Night. Saturday Night started playing on my laptop when I was working from home, glued to my laptop with my watch beeping at me to get up because I was sat still for so long!

It took me right back to my junior school disco days and I got up and started dancing. I think my neighbours saw me but I didn't care. Now I'm thinking that disco breaks should be compulsory in our new Zoom world.

I've been printing newsprint with leftover ink plates recently and wanted to play around with their texture and collage with text. It felt like a fun opportunity to get people singing along, and maybe dancing!


This work references Deee-Lite's 'Groove Is in the Heart' song. I had been interested in experimenting on a larger scale and combining textile with print for a while, as well as my growing interest in repeated tile patterns and song lyrics.

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